Beyond the world of sports we know, there’s another – filled with super hero athletes.

These Super Champs leap, fly and morph their way to victory. You’ll see them with lasers, flamethrowers and battle axes, not a boring old tennis racket. Their skills are matched only by their larger-than-life personalities.

Welcome to the Super Champs Universe.

An animated multiverse featuring the world's premier super athletes!

At the center of the Super Champs Universe is The Super Champs Academy. This fantastical, sports-themed school is where the brightest players in the Super Champs Universe live, train and compete against one another.


Like a traditional boarding school, students live together in dormitories. They balance training, studying ... and fun, but ultimately stay focused on becoming the next generation's super athlete.


Super Champs Academy is the ultimate training ground for young super athletes!


With so many Super Champs training and competing in so many sports .... where to start?

Tennis Champs is the first game of the Super Champs Universe, featuring the cutest and wackiest little champion tennis players around.

Play a tense match on top of a cloud with a frying pan for a racquet. Chase down an overhead smash courtesy of a customized jet-pack. Tennis will never be the same.


Your Super Champ can be yours. Really.

Super Champs will train and compete in every sport currently known and yet to created. When you buy or earn Super Champs or gear in a game like Tennis Champs, they can be YOURS to use in other Super Champs games and worlds -- or to sell or trade in the Super Champs NFT marketplace.

Tennis Champs is just the beginning. As the Super Champs Universe story unfolds and grows, you'll meet even more Super Champs, gear, sports and worlds that grow along with it.